Jaan has always been a good teacher and a friend, since we made acquaintance in Improvisation course at EAMT in 2020.
He has helped me a lot – not only with instrumental performance, but also with philosophical thoughts.
I think It`s really rare, and definitely out of my expectation that I could ever meet such a person during my studies here in Tallinn.

This session was a really wonderful experience for me. We had never talked about taking pictures before.
Our goal  for the evening was to record one piece that we had been working on together. After a few hours of exhausting video recording
in the late evening, I asked: “Jaan, could you please take a pictures of me?” I was aware that Jaan is really passionate abot photography.

Since he had all the professional gear with him, he agreed without any doubts. Jaan decided to move the piano to another spot and quickly
placed some strobes around me. We started to find good postures around the piano and to be honest, it is not as easy in the beginning
as I was expecting. I had difficulties to relax and look natural but Jaan guided me throughout the session and the outcome was amazing.
To be portrayed for the first time in my life, was a completely new and unique experience to me. 

“Are you ready?” Jaan texted me a few days later. He showed me these wonderful pictures and I was blown away. I couldn’t believe
I was the one on the photos. Unbelievable masterpieces! Though I`m an amateur in photography, I can imagine how much work and
care Jaan devoted into the post process. Although the session lasted only 30 minutes, the final editing had to be at least triple that time or more. 

Hereby, I appreciate Jaan`s elaboration and devotion. Thank you for sharing the time, energy, knowledge and thoughts – these are priceless memories for me.
The encounter of us is one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in Tallinn.  

Thank you very much!

Yuheng Wang